Cybersecurity Management
without the Bullsh*t

A faster, easier, and more affordable SIEM and SOAR solution. With an easy-to-use interface, self-service options and transparent pricing, managing security operations has never been easier.

Automated Security Monitoring

Around-the-clock threat detection and response that provides alerts for verified threats (with guided remediation steps).

Easy-to-Understand Reporting

Data is delivered in plain English with real-time alerts, AI-powered analytics, custom reports, and no flashy numbers or jargon.

Automated Incident Responses

A single dashboard provides a holistic overview of your entire IT environment, so data isn’t overlooked or disaggregated.

Turn-key, cloud-deployed security management

Unlock security capabilities Enhance your security  Easy incident triage
  • Unlock security capabilities

    Lean IT teams struggle with managing security alerts day to day. Once the easy button for deployment has been pressed, supercharge your lean team to respond to security incidents at blazing speeds.

  • Enhance your security

    Plug and play. Simple API connectivity to your existing security tools in minutes for fast security alert triage. Improve your existing detection and response stack with an easy-to-use interface.

  • Easy incident triage

    Quickly visualize enriched incident reports that tell you what active threats are occurring and how to stop attacks in their tracks.

Unlock security capabilities
Enhance your security
 Easy incident triage
of SMBs aren't financially prepared to recover from a cyber attack
cybersecurity jobs will be unfilled by the year 2025
of SMBs lack any type of cybersecurity defense plans

Proactive cyber response

Your security tools are the baseline for defense and with simple connectivity into our platform, you can supercharge your defense in minutes. After all, the best defense is a good offense.

Office 365
Azure Activity Directory
Check Point
VMWare Carbon Black
Barracuda Network

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