ContraForce Announces $2M Seed Investment from DataTribe


From the onset of ContraForce, it was clear that we were on a mission to address a monolithic problem facing small-medium businesses. The cyber threat landscape and the rise of pervasive threats from ransomware to supply-chain downstream attacks have now impacted the vulnerable underbelly of our economy. This underbelly is compromised of small-medium businesses that can’t manage the problem or simply do not understand how to.

In fact, these businesses are being impacted by breaches at almost a 1:1 scale as compared to their larger enterprise counterparts. With the looming threat of cyber criminal activity, being in proximity of the blast radius of nation state activity, or macro-regulatory pressures it became apparent that the most basic business right to operate safely and securely was not accessible to these businesses that require it the most.

It is fundamentally critically that we provide these businesses the democratized security and compliance they require – not just want – so they can continue to prosper without the eminent threat of a breach stressing their operating pillars to continue to function and prosper. It is our mission at ContraForce to democratize security and compliance to these organizations in order to safeguard our economic backbone and provide confidence and fortitude to allow these businesses to emerge out of these turbulent times and adopt digital transformation at the unprecedented pace in which we all aspire to achieve.

This is an extremely enthralling time to work with our customers to solve this massive challenge, and we are honored to work closely with a team of industry leaders at DataTribe who believe in our mission, and see our vision. Cybersecurity is a team sport, and we must work with our customers, vendors, and partners to ensure we can up level our under-serviced IT operations team in order for them to do better security.

From the start, we intrinsically understood that DataTribe not only aligned with where we were going to solve a problem where many have succumbed to falling short before, but we had interlocked alignment from our core values and principles. These principles is what makes our culture unique, rejuvenating, and compromised of leaders from across the entire ContraForce organization that believe we are here to fundamentally change how we deliver security and compliance to the world.
This is just the start to our journey, and I look forward to continuing our progress for the passion we have enabling every businesses’ inherit right for easy, accessible, and effective security. Until next time!

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